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Gardens on the Go - Organic Horticulture

Organic Master Gardener Course

Welcome to a whole new way of looking at your garden. This course goes into great detail about how your garden can work for you!!! Learn about the multitude of microbes who can make your gardening easier. Learn how to protect and feed this active work force so that they will do a lot of your gardening work for you! Learn how to build compost, sheet mulch, and more!

This course is suitable for the beginner and the professional alike! Everyone can learn how to be a better gardener!

Growing Food Course

This is the course for you if you are interested in growing food. Although there are a few lecture classes most of this course is a hands-on, build it, seed it, do it kind of course.

You will learn to build great soil, how to build garden beds, how to plan, plant and water your garden, as well as how to preserve your bounty!

It is recommended that you take the Organic Master Gardener Course before you take the food course, but it is not necessary.