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Gardens on the Go - Organic Horticulture

Photo Gallery

Food Garden 2011 Food Garden 2011 Sweet August Tomatoes, onions, carrots, beans, eggs! Hurrah! 148963954 Year of the Bean Fresh beans, frozen beans, pickled beans...beans beans beans 148963955 Winter Harvest Chard and Potatoes in January 148963956 Herb Garden Mulching with seaweed sure seems to help plants 148963958 Chickens!! 148963959 Mustard Green going to Seed We keep eating and eating and eating from this one plant! 148963960 Good Old Chard! One of the wonderful winter greens. Still fine in February 148963961 Mizuna One of the toughest winter greens. Virtually indestructible! 148963962 Gai Lon Chinese Broccoli Flowering We ate many meals of broccoli florets from this plant 148963963 Raddichio A bitter but delicious, and very hardy winter green. 148963964 Green onions All year round in the green house 148963965 Plant Tunnel Handy hoops and Fiberglass make this great plant tunnel. Great place for greens to overwinter. 148963967 Handy Hoop Tunnel 148963968 Winter Broccoli in February Almost ready! 148963970 Chicken Tractor protecting Broccoli 148963971 Giant Red Mustard One of the hardiest winter greens 148963972 More Chinese Greens 148963973 Beets in February 148963974