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Gardens on the Go - Organic Horticulture

About Me

My name is Connie Kuramoto and I worked as a student, a technician and an instructor at Malaspina University College’s Horticulture Department for over 20 years. Four years ago I made the decision to bring my knowledge and experience in Horticulture into your garden or meeting place. I have already met many of you at plant sales, workshops, garden shows or classrooms. I have already graduated hundreds of students from Gaia College's Organic Master Gardener Program. You may have read my articles in Coastal Grower, Synergy, or Eagle Eye1.  

I am excited about the direction that my Horticultural Career has taken me, and am anxious to share my experience with a much wider audience.

My emphasis has always been Organic and Sustainable.

Nothing else really makes any sense to me.

Education: I offer customized Horticultural Courses, workshops, tours, and talks. I have over 20 years experience, and learn something new about Horticulture every day. I welcome you to share the adventure, whether it be successfully learning to propagate your favorite plants or touring exotic Japanese Gardens. I am currently planning to teach an Organic Master Gardener Course for Gaia College this winter in Nanaimo and am in the planning stages on bringing the course to Nanoose, Lasqueti and Quadra Island in the future. Please feel free to contact me with ideas for other locations where we might be able to get 15 or more people together for this course. There is a contact form available on this website or you can email me at [email protected]

Services : I never tire of working in the garden, whether it is yours or mine. The seasonal flow of life in a garden is a constant joy. 

I am also very interested in Horticulturally based travel, and have led tours to Vancouver Gardens, the Seattle Flower Show, as well as student tours to Japan. 

 Environmentally Sensitive:

Throughout my career I have been known to search out the most environmentally sensitive solutions to Horticultural Problems. You can expect that I will recommend the most environmentally friendly options that I am aware of.

I look forward to working with you in your garden, on a tour, or in a workshop,or classroom. I am confident that your garden and all it’s creatures will thank you.